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About darwazeh motors

Founded in 2006 by Mr. Tamer Darwazeh a passionate Motorcycle Rider and a Vespa Lover, today Darwazeh Motors is the Exclusive Importer and Retailer For Piaggio Group & C s.p.a The largest European Two Wheel Manufacturer and one the World's Industry Leader.

Darwazeh Motors imports to Jordan from Piaggio Group the following brands; Vespa, Aprilia, MotoGuzzi and Piaggio. Those brands carry a Hundred years of Heritage and History.

after sales service

The place to take care of your two wheelsWorkshop Piaggio Prime Service can find all the assistance Piaggio dedicated, advise you on the best accessories and customize your bike according to your needs. Rely on the expertise of our technicians.

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world Superbike champion
54 World titles! 

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Timeless and legendary Italian motorcycles since 1921.

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commuter Environment,
quality of life and energy savings.

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Most famous in the world! Modern myth, a fashion statement. Since 1946.

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